You Are Automatically Beautiful


You Are Automatically Beautiful


By Andrea Matthews

How do we as a culture describe women? Insta baddies are sexy, little girls are cute and adorable, but theres one word we do not hear as often. It is rare, making it more valuable, and deep down, we all just want to be described with this one word: BEAUTIFUL.

Beauty is more than just initial attraction or physical fine-ness, its a reflection of your heart. Its a description of who you are rather than simply how you look, and we are here to help remind you of what makes you truly beautiful.


A girl who can hold her own without worrying about what others think is extremely attractive. You are beautiful just the way you are and if you know it, girl show it! Confidence starts on the inside. Build yourself up and surround yourself with a community that uplifts and encourages you. Take time to truly appreciate yourself and others will do the same. Once you know who you are and the value you possess, it will naturally show. Some ways that people can gage your confidence is through your eye contact, the way you carry yourself and your self respect. 

Heres the key: do you boo, because thats what makes you beautiful!



Beautiful people treat people beautifully. All the goodness and love that is on the inside floods out to those around them. It is not hard, it is natural. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile, or even an extra few feet, to show someone you care. Sit with that girl who eats lunch alone or help a friend get ready for the dance you were not able to attend. When we fill up with the good things God has for us, selflessness comes easily and with greater purpose. It is a simple way of sharing parts of Jesus with this world. 

Never be afraid to share your heart, thats what makes you beautiful. 


A womans smile is reported as the single most important physical feature that leads to being viewed as attractive.That quote came from The Huffington Post, so you know its real lol. Smiles are warm and inviting, and you know what else, they are contagious! You cannot look at a smiling baby long enough without cheesing yourself. Now I know we are not looking to rob the cradle, but it is the same with guys. Your smile takes the edge off and makes you more approachable. You become a beautiful person he would like to love instead of a hot post he would love to like.

When I was in kindergarten, we sang this song that said: Everybody smiles in the same language…”, so get you a foreign man with them pearly whites. Jk, but thats what makes you beautiful. Cheese on, Queen!

P.S. We do praise self-love and looking your absolute best around here, so do not get it twisted. We love our outsides almost as much as we love our insides. You can check out some of our Queenstips and tricks on how to slay right from our very own: AlexaBeautyHaute.

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