What’s The Big Deal About Black Panther?


What's The Big Deal About Black Panther?


The movie is finally out and black people everywhere are excited. Marvel Studios has brought us the origin story of Black Panther, a superhero who made a quick appearance in the last Avengers movie. We now get to see where Black Panther comes from and how he is dealing with the death of his father (which happened in Avengers, hence his appearance in the first place).

The timing of the movie release is perfect: in the middle of black history month.

Black history month is always full of celebrations of our history and excellence as a people.

However, there are also always the same questions: Why isn’t there a white history month? Why is black history month even around? And with the release of this movie, we have a new question cropping up: What is the big deal about Black Panther?

Black Panther is important simply due to the fact that black people are being represented as powerful, magical, and strong. Usually in movies, black people are cast in supporting roles with no back story, as slaves, thugs, or gangsters. Think back to the last time you saw a film with a predominantly black cast that has nothing to do with slavery, living during segregation or Jim Crow, or crime.

It’s incredibly difficult, right?


Representation is what spurs us forward. It gives little ones the confidence to believe that they can do anything, be anything. It reminds them of how strong and powerful they are in their own life. Celebrities of color have spoken on this time and time again; how seeing someone who looked like them on screen taught them that they could achieve their own goals and dreams.

In times like this, with the political climate we are in, it is important that we are reminded and assured of ourselves and our people. It is important for our younger generations to grow up having their own superheros to look up to and fantasize about.

It is not just a comic book movie.

It is more than that to those of us who don’t get the chance to see this everyday.

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