Why It's Time To Stop Hiding Who You Are

Why It's Time To Stop Hiding Who You Are

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Written by Randi Bateman

Do you know what is an easy skill that many people probably don’t consider a skill? Hiding.

Whether you’re hiding in a game of hide and go seek or hiding from your boss, it’s easy if you are set on staying unseen. The task is simple: think of something to hide from and do it. See, EASY! It’s even easier to hide our true selves from the outer world. When there is a part of us that we have no desire to love in private, we have no desire to show it the world. Moreover, we have conditioned ourselves to throw masks on our face to hide our emotions, fears, and even are true dreams. Why do we have masks? Why can’t we be what we simply just want to be?

I think the mystery behind the mask stems from the incapability to be vulnerable. The idea that someone other than ourselves could know our deepest fears and our deepest desires scares us too much. Personally, I am afraid of people knowing too much about me – it doesn’t settle right with me. But why am I so afraid? Why as a society are WE afraid? I don’t know the answer, but I believe it has something to do with rejection. Sadly, people have taken off their masks, showed their true selves, embraced every bit of who they are and wanted to share it with the world. But someone told them to put their mask back on. Someone valued the counterfeit version instead of the genuine version. Furthermore, we tend to value the versions of ourselves that are pretty and clean, with little to no baggage. We value the counterfeit versions of ourselves What does that say about our culture?

Our culture doesn’t fully grasp the concept that what we see doesn’t have to be what we get. We don’t have to let someone suffocate behind a mask that is too heavy to keep on. We don’t have to push people back into fear and rejection. We can help people bloom.

Before we can help others bloom, we must start at home. Doing the work to discover what is preventing us to grow isn’t easy, but it is necessary. I challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

Do I have a mask on? What am I trying to hide from myself and others?
Am I suffocating myself? Is the real me good enough?
What do you look like without the mask on?

As you reflect on these questions, dig deep and reveal the scary and hard stuff. Look it in the face and choose to conquer it. Desire to be free from what you are hiding. Decide to be free from the mask
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