5 College Tips For The High School Graduate


5 College Tips For The High School Graduate

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Written by Jo B. Williams

Congratulations! You’ve defeated high school. You deserve props for riding that rollercoaster for four years without falling off. Bravo to you, sister. What’s next? For many of you it will be college. College is a huge transition and a big milestone. Here is a bit of advice to help you through it.

Choose a major YOU are passionate about. Want to study art but mom and dad want you to be a doctor? Interested in engineering but grandma thinks you’d make a great teacher? This happens often and can be stressful. Your family’s advice is important and you should always take it into consideration. However, it’s difficult to succeed in something that you are not passionate about. Talk to mom and dad or grandma and help them understand that you want to study something else. Tell them what you are truly passionate about and why it excites you. Four years is a long time to study something that bores you, and forever is a long time to do something that doesn’t make you happy. Your goal should be to make a life for yourself that you’re happy with. Remember, happiness and fulfillment are key to living an enjoyable life. Don’t do anything that will interfere with that out of fear of disappointing someone else. Mom, dad and grandma certainly want what’s best for you. But you have to be a part of that decision, too.

"Free" Money Can Be Dangerous. Contrary to what people are saying these days, college IS worth your time. But try to get through it with as little debt as possible. For many of us, when it comes to going to college, student loans are our only option. If you must get loans, take only what you need for school and send the rest back. Those Beats headphones can wait. The shoes and bag can wait too. Try to get a part time job or apply for work study if you need extra cash. Student loans are not free money. They can leave you in financial trouble for a very long time. 

Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s also abundant on college campuses and often gets students in a whole bunch of trouble. Intoxication is no joke. When you’re drunk, you’re not as smart or alert and you tend to make bad choices. Avoid alcohol altogether. There is plenty of other fun to be had.  

Stay on top of academics. In college, you pay for every class you take. Every failed class is money down the drain. Not to mention it kills your GPA and will eventually get you placed on academic probation or even kicked out of school. Remember, college is for learning, preparing for the job market and earning a degree. Things will get hard but stay focused and don’t give up.

Have fun! There are lots of things to do for fun in college. In fact, college should be one of your most fun life experiences. You can get involved with clubs, honor societies, campus organizations, sororities and a whole bunch of other stuff. There’s also athletics, campus parties (be safe with this one), and some pretty cool classes and professors. Who knows, you might even meet your future husband or your life-long best friend. College is the only experience like it that you’ll have. Don’t forget to have fun, make friends, and create lasting memories.

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