Grow Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Grow Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Written by Randi Bateman

Before you continue to read this post, I would like for you to close your eyes and dream. Think about the plans and visions you have deeply rooted in you. What do those plans look like? Does the dream set your soul on fire? Do you find yourself with a grin on your face and a new joy?

I hope when you thought about your hopes and dreams you felt a passion that was indescribable and made you feel on top of the world. However, when we begin to plan those dreams out or speak them aloud, we find ourselves no longer believing. Whether it be from the friend who didn’t approve or the amount of money in our bank accounts, we lose hope in what we were hoping for. Why do we stop believing for ourselves?

A lot of times it stems from fear. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of no one taking you seriously. While all those fears may seem rational and reasonable at the time, consider why you had the dream in the first place. Remember the why. No matter how scared you may be, the vision you have will impact someone. That someone may be across the world or even next door, but they need it. That someone could be you.

Often times the dreams we have require us to breakaway from our comfort zones. We all want to grow and become our best selves, but we can’t do it in the place of comfort. I’m sorry to break it to you but: growth and comfort don’t mix. If you are comfortable, then it’s possible you aren’t growing. I’m not saying comfort is a bad thing, sometimes it can be good. Yet, when you are comfortable ALL the time and not learning new skills, expanding your knowledge, or trying new things, it can cause you to lose progress.

I say all of this because our dreams and visions are almost always out of our comfort zones. I challenge you to start living out of your comfort zone. Make an effort to do something different that requires you to grow. These intentional steps towards growth will prepare you to believe in yourself when it’s time to make those dreams come true. Don’t lose sight of those goals because they seem to big or too scary. Grow out of your comfort and see the possibilities.

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