If You Want To See Your Future, Look At Your Friends

If You Want To See Your Future, Look At Your Friends

By Andrea Matthews

  Bad company corrupts good character.

My mom used to say that all the time, and I hated it. Just because I hang out with people who do certain things doesnt mean Im going to end up like them. 

“I don’t give into peer pressure.”



I used to say that all the time in response. But it’s crazy how the older you get the more you realize your parents are actually right about these things. 

I don’t have a dramatic story. I never got into drugs or fights; I didn’t sleep around, but there are other, more subtle ways that peer pressure has affected me. 

I heard this saying, “If you want to see your future, look at your friends.

It sounds similar to what my mom would say, but sometimes it’s a lot easier to receive wisdom from an Instagram post than from your mother. 

Anyway you take it, that’s the truth. We have to surround ourselves with positive, inspiring people who are moving forward with purpose. 

One of the many struggles I have is limiting myself or my gifts so that the people around me feel comfortable. I don’t want anyone to feel left out if I succeed and they don’t. 

It seems like a considerate gesture, but it’s actually very dangerous. Staying in this mindset would limit me for life. I would never reach my full potential or walk in my purpose. 

That’s a waste of the gifts God has given me. 

Surround yourself with women who support you and encourage your greatest self. Be with people who challenge you and strengthen you. The Bible even advises us to sharpen one another the same way iron sharpens iron. 

Look around you and see if your squad is one you can grow with when the hashtags stop trending. If jealousy is an issue now, it’ll be an issue then. It hurts to let people go, but in the end it’ll be better for you and for them. 

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