8 Ways To Celebrate Your Mom



By Andrea Matthews

Mother’s Day is coming faster than you think!

Our moms deserve the absolute best, so we put together some ideas to help you celebrate your Queen of a mama. Here are eight gift suggestions for a super special 2018 Mother’s Day:

1. Clay Mask Kit - We use masks to treat ourselves and alleviate stress all the time. Imagine the stress lines that threaten your mom’s beautiful skin from raising a teenager.

2 What I Love About Mom book - Grab a fill-in-the-blank book from Francesca’s or Papyrus designed with moms in mind. It’ll mean the world to your mom to have personalized notes written from you.

3. Motivational Gym Bag - Has your mom been mentioning getting back in shape? Or is she the one motivating you with her hot mom bod? Either way, a stylish gym bag is the perfect gift. You can even block out a couple of hours for the two of you to go on a workout date. It’ll bless your bodies and her beautiful soul.

4. Candles - I don’t know many women who wouldn’t love a great scented candle to set the tone and aroma of the home. Check out the candles your mom usually buys and be sure to grab a scent that matches what she already has.

5. Bath Robe - It can be silk and sexy or cotton and comfy. You know your mama, help make her feel her best when getting ready or winding down for the day.

6. Bubble Bath Kit - (And since we’re on the topic) Adulting is stressful and momming, well, that brings an entirely new level of stress. Gift your mom a relaxing bubble bath kit. Make it extra meaningful by building the kit yourself with your own faves (essential oils, scrubs, lotions) and notes for how each will help her continue to be the best mom ever!

7. Something Super Sweet - Women love chocolate, but only you know your mom’s most guilty pleasure. Grab her favorite candy or a rich cheesecake. OR if your mom is known for her baking skills, you take the reigns and bake her signature dish for her. You might even include her in the process. You can’t beat quality time and showing appreciation for your mom’s talent.

8. Mother/Daughter Bracelets - We’re putting a generational spin on the classic friendship bracelet gift. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you make a cheesy trinket out of string and beads. Grab a simple bracelet (or necklace) that will go with any outfit for your mom and a matching one for you. It doesn’t have to be bold or gaudy, keeping it simple will add to the intimacy of the gift and every time you wear it, you’ll think of her and she’ll think of you.

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