Turn Your Bedroom Into A Getaway


Turn Your Bedroom Into A Getaway

By Andrea Matthews

High school is tough, we know.

We also know that sometimes being at home with parents and siblings can make it even more stressful. So let’s take the one place in this world that belongs to us and transform it into a getaway. I’m talking about your room!

It’s important to have alone time. Parents might not say that outright, but they have to admit they gave us our own rooms for a reason. Us girls need our space. So whether you share your room with your sister or you’ve got the whole spot to yourself, here are some ideas to inspire you to create the she-cave of your dreams.

A Room For All Things - You have so many things going on in your life, so it wouldn’t make sense for your room to be only good for one things. This is the place where you sleep, study and kick it with friends. Create areas in your room so you can do all the things you do well.

The Best Color Of You - This room is an expression of you, and we want it to represent the best version of you. Color is the best way to do this. Choose colors that will lift your spirits after a long day at school or calm you down before an overwhelming test. You know the palettes that create the best you, so make it happen!

Chalk It Up - Chalkboard walls for the win! Use it for notes, inspiration, motivational thoughts, schoolwork. These things are super trendy right now. The best part is that your messages can change each day, all you have to do is erase.

DBS (Don’t Be Scared) to DIY - Pinterest is king these days, and honey, it needs you to step up and be queen. Save money and decorate your pad the way only you can. Find an easy tutorial and trust your gut, I’m sure you’ll create something incredible and possibly discover a hidden talent of your own.

The More You Store - We all have chores and we all dread them. Don’t make cleaning your room any harder than it needs to be. Organize your space with floating shelves, under-the bed storage bins, and a good old fashioned dresser. At the very least, you’ll have enough places to cram all your things before mom checks your room.

Hope these tips motivate you to create the space of your dreams. Don’t forget to share your fabulous new spot with us, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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