I Asked A Guy To Prom, And So Can You!


I Asked A Guy To Prom, And So Can You!


By Andrea Matthews

It’s prom season, but you already knew that. Youve probably been out shopping for the perfect dress, pinning your top hairstyle options and studying makeup tutorials for months nowthat is, unless you havent been asked yet. 

If thats you, dont fret. #1 you’re not alone and #2 we are here to save the day. 

Asking someone to prom is nerve-racking, maybe thats why we leave it up to the guys. They can handle the pressure, right? Its their job to ask us out, right? 

Ill let you in on a little secret.I asked my date to prom, and I had the best night of my high school life!

prom squad.gif

I had been crushing on him for the longest, but he had already graduated so I couldnt expect him to ask me. Not to mention, the few guys I hoped would ask me were already taken. I was so freaking nervous, but I did it. And guess whatso can you!

Theres no problem with partying with your girls, youll have a blast either way. But if you were hoping for couplespics and a corsage, you might consider grabbing some guts and asking a guy yourself. I thought of a few tips to help you brace for the big promposal:

1. Remember, ITS JUST PROM. I know it seems like the biggest night of your life, but its still only one night. Youre not asking the guy to marry you, so relax and reject any stress about this night. 

2. TALK TO HIS FRIENDS. First of all, find out if hes free and why. Does he even want to go to the dance? You want to make sure your bachelor is actually eligible. 

3. YOUR PALMS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES SWEATING. Guys are nervous too! Maybe the boy you like secretly likes you too. Your leap of faith might just put him at ease, so you both can enjoy yourselves on the big night.

4. COME UP WITH A FUN, CASUAL ASK. Promposals are huge these days, but they dont always have to be romantic. Think of something sports-themed, a mad-lib styled poster, or of course food (these are boys were talking about). The extra effort will let him know he wasnt just your last minute choice. 

5. GO WITH A FRIEND. You want this night to be fun, not full of pressure. Bring a guy you can dance with, laugh with and just be yourself around. That way the smile in your pics will be completely genuine. 

I hope some of these pointers give you a little boost of confidence. If youre courageous enough to ask that special guy, please please please let us know. Wed love to hear all about it!! Whether its your very first dance or your last hooray as a senior, we hope you enjoy the mess out of #Prom2018.

Have fun and be safe out there Queens!

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