How To Avoid Awkwardness When Running Into An Ex


How To Avoid Awkwardness When Running Into An Ex


Written by Camille Carr

It is the nature of life that not everyone can stay in your life forever. There are going to be some people you USED to be friends with, people you USED to date, people you USED to know. And once they leave your life doesn’t mean that they are going to disappear completely. If you live in a similar vicinity, there is a chance you will run into that person again. 

Running into someone you used to be close with may be very awkward. There is a certain pressure to make sure you look your best when you run into your ex, things like that. But honestly, there is no way to prepare for a run-in. That’s why it’s called running into someone. 

Do what makes you feel comfortable. Just because you see them and they see you does not mean that you have to make contact with them. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. You are in no way obligated to speak to someone that you no longer have ties with, for whatever reason. Take care of yourself above all else. 

Don’t feel like you have to one-up them or make your life seem better than theirs.
If you all get to talking, just be honest. Share as much or as little as you’d like. Don’t degrade yourself by trying to prove something to someone that is no longer in your life. 

Do not feel that you have to follow-up after that initial contact. Just because you ran into your ex on the sidewalk does not mean that now you have to unblock his number and text him. Just because you saw someone that you used to see all the time does not mean that the reason you two no longer speak is no longer valid. You do not have to rekindle relationships with toxic people just because you saw them again. Obviously, if you want to, go for it. 

Engage in lots of self-care after. Running into people from your past, especially those that have hurt you, can reopen a lot of feelings, even if you are over the situation. Take time for yourself after to make sure that you can get yourself back on kilter. Listening to yourself and honoring what you need to calm back down and get back to a happy place in essential. 

Running into old friends or exes can be very surprising and an interesting experience. Rarely is it planned and rarely can it be prepared for. However, it may happen. Just remember the personal growth that you have taken and that no one is allowed to mess that up. Unfortunately, they didn’t come along for this amazing ride with you and that’s okay. 

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