6 Ways To Help A Friend Going Through A Tough Time


6 Ways To Help A Friend Going
Through A Tough Time

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Written by Camille Carr

We all go through a tough time or two and one of the best things to have for yourself is a support system. But helping a friend through a rough time can be hard to navigate and you might not always know what to do.

Here are a few tips on how to help your friend the best way you can:

1. Ask them what they need from you. 

No two people are the same and everyone deals with difficult situations differently. Knowing what your friend needs from you is one of the best ways to help them for the jump. Simply ask your friend “Okay, what do you need from me?” It may be a hug, a listening ear, advice, or a fun night out. But once you know how they cope and what they need in that moment, you can let them know what you can offer and best work out how to get them what they need. 

2. Don’t feel responsible for fixing the situation. 

Your job is not to be Captain Fix-it. It’s unfortunate, but your friend will have to solve this issue on their own and decide what is best for them. Your main focus is that they don’t have to go through anything alone. 

3. Don’t be afraid to share your own experiences. 

Some people steer clear of talking about themselves when helping out a friend, but it can be really encouraging for someone to know that they aren’t the only one who has gone through something similar or has felt these same feelings. It’s not a selfish act to say “I’ve been there too”. 

4. Follow up with your friend. 

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Situations rarely resolve themselves over night so stay in communication with your friend. Even if it is just a short text letting them know you care, just keep those lines of communication open. Some people feel weird about talking about a situation over and over again, but letting a friend know that you care about them and what is happening to them, it takes the pressure off of them to keep things bottled up. 

5. Thank your friend for coming to you. 

Telling people that everything isn’t okay with you can be so difficult. Thank your friend for their courage and openness. Share how you appreciate that they trust you with their issues and heartache. 

6. Keep things between you all. 

Don’t go behind your friend’s back and talk about their issues, even to mutual friends. Remember that this is your friend’s issue and it is their business to tell. 

It can be tough seeing someone you care about going through something difficult. But what most people need is just a listening ear and a hand to hold while they go through it. Be there in a way that is comfortable for you and them. Do not take all the weight of the issue on yourself. Sometimes the best remedy for a friend is another friend’s company.

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