10 Fun Ways To Enjoy Spring Break At Home


10 Fun Ways To Enjoy Spring Break


By Andrea Matthews

QUEENS, SPRING BREAK IS HERE! And we can’t wait to hear all about your crazy adventures. Where are you headed? Somewhere tropical, the big city, or grabbing the last bit of snow up north? What are your plans? Family vacay, road trip with friends, invading the closest theme park? Have you even thought about what you’re going to do during the wildest week of the year?

If not, and your home is base for the break, don’t worry - we got you covered!

Let’s be honest, the majority of us aren’t climbing the Eiffel Tower or cliff jumping in Costa Rica this week. Most of us are just chilling at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a super sweet spring break too. 

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate freedom from school without breaking the piggy bank:

But first, let’s take a selfie! Get glammed up and have a photoshoot with your fellow queens. Don’t worry if you don’t have photographer skills yet, the camera on your iphone or android will do just fine. 

Picnic at the park. Treat your family and the dog to a nice afternoon picnic at your local park. Soak in some rays, play frisbee or catch up on the book you have been dying to read. 

Explore your city. You may have lived there your whole life without really knowing all your city has to offer. Visit free museums or art exhibits, stroll down historic landmarks or old town neighborhoods. You might just find an exciting new appreciation for the place you call home. 

Try something new. I realize learning is the last thing on your mind, but you can actually have an incredible time being taught something new. Take a kick-boxing class or a pottery lesson, find a good deal on group on or research free sample classes. 


Girls’ Night In! Invite your closest friends over for a beauty potluck. Ask each of them to bring their favorite beauty product to share with the girls. It can be face masks, mani-pedi sets, ingredients to make DIY bath bombs, whatever gets you ready to take your mind off school and relax with your ladies.

Campout at home? To be honest, I’m not one for sleeping in the woods, but I might be brave enough to spend the night in my own backyard. Grab some friends, make s’mores and tell scary stories. 

Check out the closest rock climbing facility. It’s trending these days and it is a fun way to get a workout in. I went for the first time a few weeks ago and had a blast. 

Take a day trip with your girls. Just because you can’t go far does not mean you can’t take a mini road trip. Head to a close town you have never been. 

Brunching with the best! Take advantage of the spring sun (after sleeping in, of course) and plan a brunch on your patio. Cook for your friends or have mom help. You can even make morning MOCKtails, so you can feel grown and sassy without breaking the law.

Make a difference. Volunteer at an animal shelter or your local YMCA. Get involved in a trash cleanup around your neighborhood. Giving of your time and your energy is more fun than you think, and it might even make the person you’re serving smile. 

Hopefully these tips helped inspire you to have the best spring break ever! If you use any of these ideas, be sure to post and tag us. We’d love to see how it turned out.

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