Are Teens Changing The World?


Are Teens Changing The World?


A lot of bad things make the news, so I stopped watching. Maybe if I ignore the death that plagues this world, I can guarantee a full life for me and mine.

Sometimes, I feel like it is the only option I have. It’s not like my little bubble of love and peace has the ability to save the world. To be honest, I’m more concerned about it popping, and witnessing my own space invaded by hate and injustice.

I look at the problems in this world, in this country, in the sphere of my own life, and I see mountains I can’t possibly move. What can I do at my age with small gifts and limited resources? Surely, nothing I write could make an impact in defeating racism, confronting injustice or changing laws that have been in place for centuries.


That mindset has kept me here, hidden. Over time I’ve learned something: the world is not even close to where it should be, and my lack of participation contributes to that. The thought that I can’t change the world comes from fear. And it is rooted in lies.


For a long time, I believed those lies, but not anymore. I’m sharing all this to assure you that you don’t have to believe them either. You have value — not just to you and your family, but to the world. The gifts that God gave you are for His purpose, and if you know anything about Him, you know His plans for you are grand.

As a generation, we have built a habit of dismissing the small things. Sometimes we even despise them. “If I don’t have thousands of followers, no one will listen” OR “I’m only in high school, how can I stand up to a politician?” OR “I don’t have the money to start an organization, how can I reach my community?”.

Let me tell you girl, if you are walking in your purpose, none of these are valid excuses for you. If God gives you something to say, trust He has the right person listening (even if it’s only one). Jesus started preaching to the religious leaders in the temple when he was only 12 years old. Did you get that?! 12 YEARS OLD! And as for money, if it’s necessary it’ll come. For now, find value in volunteering in your neighborhood or mentoring a girl who’s been through similar struggles as you. You’d be surprised how powerful it can be just to let someone know you care. That’s life-changing! As we continue to find value in life together, it will be world-changing.


So let’s encourage each other to live a life that’s greater than ourselves. Us as Queens have the power to spread light where there is darkness and watch God’s love eliminate the hate. Let’s choose to create unity because together we can move mountains.


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