The College Girl Struggle


Say Whaaat?! You didn’t think college girls struggle too?

Let’s have a seat at the “union” table.

Typically, it’s our junior year of high school when we start to anticipate college. In this lovely generation, social media provides us SEVERAL previews of what the college experience is/will be like (truly, any experience you need a preview of can be found via social media). You see several people in college either glorifying parties, posting “bestfriend” selfies at football games, having “framily” dinners at 12:00 AM, and let’s not forget collecting that refund! All of that is a great chunk of what college is like plus a few other things I didn’t mention. Like uhhhh, not having a set sleep schedule, bad eating habits, intense stress, weight gain, being broke and you know, etc. But those few other things I didn’t mention, can truly weigh us down and if not surrounded by the right people and things, it can ruin your college experience.


So what are those “few other things” like? First, let’s make it clear that I am indeed, a college girl; Junior to be exact. The amount of things that cross my mind as a student in this environment is overwhelming and I am 98.67% sure other college girls could agree.

Shall I begin with one big struggle all girls can relate to? I shall.

Making friends. We’re all taking on this new experience together, so why is it so hard for us to just say “Hey! I’m _____. Let’s be friends and if we don’t like each other, we just go our separate ways and try this again with someone else.” WELL. Some of us are super extroverts and can start a conversation with someone easily and some of us are so shy that we can’t make eye contact with the people we’re passing by on our way to class. I think when we get to college, we almost get overwhelmed with the amount of people we’re surrounded by, and we don’t know where to begin when it comes to meeting new people.

In addition to that, there are so many beautiful women, so to some, that’s already intimidating (whether we want to admit it or not). You have upperclasswomen who are loved and appreciated by the entire school, seems like, and you wonder how the heck did they get to that level?! But the crazy thing about it? She was probably overwhelmed and wondering how the heck she would make new friends at the beginning of her college chapter as well. My solution to that is simple: Get involved and make yourself known. Join orgs, go to events, use this beautiful social media outlet we have to connect!

Them Boys. Yup, I'm going there. My first two years of college, I attended a University that was majority women, which is incredible! But let’s just say if I saw a male, I did several head turns and eye squints because it just wasn’t something I saw often. We hear so many stories about people meeting their soulmates in college so of course this makes us eager to meet new ones.


Wait. How is this a struggle if you have a wave of men to see every day? BECAUSE OK. If you’re a baddie and you know it raise your hand? OK. As girls, if we see a potential boyfriend or “good friend,” we want them to know we’re a catch of course, and that we’re beautiful. I’m not saying we strive to look good for men, NO. But we know our worth, how amazing we are, so when your potential boyfriend or #mcm doesn’t notice that you’re the person he needs or that you’re simply just awesome, it kind of sucks. Like you’re missing out on all of this greatness. Then for a brief moment, you start to question your awesomeness because that one person doesn’t notice you.

STOP DEAD IN YA TRACKS. That’s where we will not go! Didn’t I just mention there’s a wave of gentleman? Plenty of swans in the lake? What we are going to do, is keep on trucking. 

Continue being the great woman you are and chase that education.

Somebody is going to notice you because you stand out boo, and the boy who did not recognize your greatness probably still has a 12:00 curfew.

Closing. One thing that’ll make our struggle much easier is learning how to balance work and play, and most importantly, surrounding ourselves with godly influences. College is one of the best experiences in life. You learn so much about yourself and other people, but it is truly what you make it. One thing that will make our struggle much easier is making the serious effort to keep God as the head in every area of our life.


You have to ask yourself when contemplating meeting new friends “do I want to be one deep all four years of college?” I know that answer issa no. If you go to college looking for love right away, just slow ya roll. Most guys and even us girls want to “have fun” the first couple of months/semesters before they hop into a relationship anyway. Don’t view that as a bad thing because you might not be as ready as you think you are. Take care of the reason why you’re there and let love fall into place. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to.

It may sound cliché but we’re all in this together. The beauty of it is, because we’re all struggling, we form this unity that helps us create friendships. So, don’t be ashamed of the struggle boo! Make the best of it and enjoy this experience!

Kween KlarkeComment