Just Do Something

Just Do Something


Written by: Courtenay Foreman

After a recent unexpected transition I found myself not knowing what to do next. As a mom, it’s easy to tell your kids what to do.  It’s even easy to tell others what to do concerning themselves and relative to their interaction with you. But if you are anything like me, it’s a different story when it is  yourself. 

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I have spent weeks asking, pondering and praying and after all that, I still do not know.   Why did I call this “Just Do You” ? Just three words but yet so powerful. Even Nike has “Just Do It” . Just 3 words again!! Life just isn’t that simple is what I’m thinking.   But then it hit me.  Had Michael Jordan never attempted basketball, practiced, and played,  he would never had known he was good at it.  Had Venus and Serena, under the guidance of their father, never accepted and received the idea of playing tennis, trained for hours and played many matches, they would not have achieved this level of greatness.

Are you getting the idea?

Even a songstress with a beautiful voice has to work at the craft to perfect it.

Don’t feel bad, I just came to the realization a short time ago.  Not a single person who has excelled at anything was at that level when they started. The golden nugget is, you ready? Here goes…. The first step is TO DO IT. We have to do something! If I don’t ever start some thing, I will end up with no thing. So in actuality,  it is that simple, just DO it. 

What it is,  who knows? But there is an it! There may be several its. However, we will never know what that thing is if we never DO.  


So, today I encourage you and myself to do it, do something. Find out what you are good at. It may take several tries to find out what is  and even more to be great at it.

We all have something great inside that the world needs, it’s our responsibility to cultivate it and give it. Just Do IT!

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