Take Advantage of Your Resources

Take Advantage of Your Resources


Written by: Bri'Ann Stephens

There are things that we need to get through each day and most times we ignore the resources that are right in front of us. Three of the greatest resource we have is the power of prayer, faith, and friends.Prayer is one of the greatest tools we have to beat anxiety and overthinking because it allows us to cast our cares on Christ (Psalm 55:22). When you start each day with a short prayer thanking God for all He has done it reminds you of His goodness and everything He has worked out before in the past. Prayer also allows you to be honest with the things you’re worried about. God loves honesty. When you are honest with God about what you’re feeling it gives Him the opportunity to give you the help that you need. Go to Jesus afresh each day. Go to the word of God in prayer each day, and ask him to help you see wonders and promises that make your heart sing.

Overthinking comes when we look at our circumstances and then look at our ability, but faith comes when we look at our circumstances and then at God’s ability. Let’s use the same analogy of a child and a parent. Imagine a mom and a 6 year old. The mom tells the child that they are going to go the movies. The child responds, “okay, well I need to go make some money in order to pay for our movie. I also have to wait until I am 16 so I can take my drivers test to drive us to the movies.” That doesn’t make sense does it? Most children would immediately get excited about going to the movies. The child would have faith that if their mom told them that they are going to the movies then they are going to the movies! They don’t worry about paying for the movie or how they will get there, they just have faith that they will go.That is how God wants us to have faith in him each morning. If He has promised you the success of a company, project, degree, family, show, good health, or overcoming a battle then your only job is to have faith. Do not worry about the hows, whens, wheres, and whys of life. Just focus on Who.

God places people in your life for a reason.

Sharing the things that you are struggling with is a tough thing to do, but it is necessary. Over thinking can be beat by sharing your thoughts with someone who loves and cares about you. Talk to someone who will be able to pray with you and for you. Someone who will remind you of who God is and what He does. Sometimes, just someone who will listen and be your friend-- they will know what you need-- whether advice or just an ear.


Lamentations 3:22–24 reminds us that, in Christ, the Lord will be faithful to be there every morning with enough new mercy to get us through today’s troubles, sin, and pain. The very reality of these new mercies from God each morning means we shouldn’t be discouraged by barely making it through a day. Many days leave us broken, beat-up, and barely hoping. That’s okay. There was enough mercy for that day. There will be more in the morning. We cannot rely on yesterday’s mercies for today’s burdens. Go to Jesus afresh each day.These resources don’t require a 30 day subscription, hundreds of dollars, or even one dollar. These resources are available to each of us for free, take advantage of them. If you’re struggling with talking to a friend, my email is always available and I am always looking forward to making new friends and so are the Kween to Queen team.

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