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What's a Kween Koach?

The K2Q Koach provides tips, tools, and resources through interactive sessions, exercises, team building activities, worksheets, and more! They are committed to helping teens become their best self, to live their best life, and reign like they mean it! As a Koach you will be able to:

  • Coordinate with teen girls and administer various group activities.

  • Develop interactive programs for teen girls.

  • Prepare training programs for teen groups on various topics and coordinate with Koaches.

  • Monitor all programs for teen girls and prepare reports on progress.

  • Analyze, mediate, and resolve conflicts between teen girls.

  • Develop and prepare initiatives and organize workshops to enhance self esteem and life skills of teen girls.

  • Provide counseling to trouble teen girls.


What's A Big Sister?

The Big Sisters are volunteers and essentially role models for the K2Q teen members. Big sisters are good for just about everything -- advice, a role model, comedic relief, a built-in best friend, and a confidante. Big Sisters will often help assist in small interactive sessions and make genuine connections with teen members. As a Big Sister you will be able to:

  • Be assigned duties during each session

  • Help with setup and breakdown during each session

  • Work closely with Kween Koaches

  • Interact with teen girls one on one

  • Participate in local community service events

  • Frequently give advice to teen girls

  • Opportunity to run social media, photography, and media tech


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