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What's A Big Sister?

The Big Sisters are volunteers and essentially role models for the K2Q teen members. Big sisters are good for just about everything:
advice, a role model, comedic relief, a built-in best friend, and a confidante. Big Sisters will often help assist in small interactive sessions and make genuine connections with teen members. As a Big Sister you will be able to:

  • Be assigned duties during each session

  • Help with setup and breakdown during each session

  • Work closely with Kween Koaches

  • Interact with teen girls one on one

  • Participate in local community service events

  • Frequently give advice to teen girls

  • Opportunity to run social media, photography, and media tech


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Describe yourself:
When I am angry I will blow up and walk away, no matter the situation
I can effectively communicate with girls younger than me
People say that I have a bad attitude
I love connecting with younger girls
I am great at giving advice to younger girls
I have no problem sharing my story in order to help someone
I am a team player
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I am bad at following directions
I am a punctual person
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