becoming our best self, living our best life, and reigning like we mean it!



Kween to Queen is building a new generation of teen girls who are committed to becoming their best self, living their best life, and reigning like they mean it! 


Who said life has to be boring? Life becomes a wondrous journey when we realize who we are and the power we possess. 

Quick question: If you were Queen of the world, how would you rule your Kingdom?

NEWS FLASH: You are the Queen of the world, YOUR WORLD!  You have the power and authority to make things happen.

You can be whatever you want to be, remove anybody from your life, accomplish your dreams and goals, and so much more!

Being Queen means creating your own rules and flourishing!  

Let's commit to becoming our BEST self, to live our BEST life!

It's time for us to dominate our mind, body, and spirit, our finances, our dreams, our day, our year, OUR LIFE!

We have the power! It’s time to unleash it and reign like we mean it!




Kween to Queen was founded in 2014 by sisters, Klarke and Chandler Foreman,  when they recognized that there was a need for a positive influence for young girls and women in their community. At the time, they didn't realize how blessed they were to have one another as sisters. Not everyone has someone to talk to, seek advice from, and grow with. They also understood the importance of community and how no one can do life alone.  Since then, they've hosted a plethora of in-home sessions and events that created a refreshing atmosphere for positive self-talk while developing a sisterhood, launched campaigns, shared their vision in schools, churches, hosted a book for Hurricane Harvey victims (raising over 4k books), launched a website, merchandise, and so much more! 

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