We are building a new generation of teen girls who are committed to becoming their best self, to live their best life, and reign like they mean it!


Imagine if school were different: Imagine spending a few hours a day, 5 days a week really tapping into self-discovery mode. Imagine doing assessments, exercises, and quizzes on how to become the girl you were created to be. Imagine engaging in weekly interactive girl chats learning and practicing effective communication, how to express your emotions and the importance of transparency. Imagine learning your weaknesses, discovering your talents, and developing your strengths. 


Would your life be different if you were surrounded by people who were invested in your commitment towards becoming your best self, to live your best life, and reign like you mean it? 


Our lives would not be perfect, but just a bit easier...right?



Everything that you imagined will happen here at our organization. Kween to Queen YOUniversity is a
nonprofit organization that was designed to fully equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need in order to thrive in life, your personal relationships, most importantly the relationship with yourself. We will have K2Q Koaches in place to provide those tips, tools, and resources through interactive sessions, exercises, team building activities, worksheets, and more! We are committed to becoming our best self, to live our best life, and reign like we mean it! 

Klarke Foreman



A piece of advice I would tell my teenage self:
Saying no is completely okay. It’s also a complete sentence. You don’t have to do what everyone asks of you (except your parents and teachers of course). You can still be a good person and stand firm on your no’s. Never let anyone pressure you into doing something that makes you uncomfortable. Whether it’s going to a party, drinking, or whatever. Always remember you have a choice.




Bri'Ann Stephens


Vice President

A piece of advice I would tell my teenage self:
You are a natural born leader. You have influence. Make sure you are leading the right way, at all times in everything that you do.



Chandler Foreman




A piece of advice I would tell my teenage self:
Listen carefully. yes God has given you the gift of speaking and encouraging others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what others say isn’t as valuable, and it also doesn’t mean you are always right. The gift of receiving means listening also. Close your mouth. Listen. Observe more.



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Building a new generation of teen girls, who are reigning like they mean it!